Wear Ray-Ban All Summer Long rescued by Tom Cruise

How a pants-free Tom Cruise rescued Ray-Ban
How a pants-free Tom Cruise rescued Ray-Ban

Back in the early ’80s, Ray-Ban Sunglasses sales took a dive. The brand name needed a life raft. And also one came … in the form of a pants-free Tom Cruise.

” Anti-Glare Aeronautics Glasses”

Someday in 1863, a cabinetmaker loaned his life cost savings to a lens crafter.

That lens crafter was John Jacob Bausch, that had actually emigrated from Germany to Rochester, New York, to open an optical store.

The traditional and also smooth Cheap Ray-Ban aviator. (Luxottica/Associated Press) Henry Lomb, a cabinetmaker as well as fellow German immigrant, lent him the cash to purchase retail room. And on a handshake, the two went into service together. They offered spectacles, telescopes, field glasses, as well as microscopes.

They called themselves the “Bausch & Lomb Optical Firm.”

When the Secondly Globe War approached, the United States military was having a problem. With recent advancements in fighter airplane innovation, pilots were starting to experience severe glow at high elevations. Because of this, they were creating frustrations as well as vision troubles. So the military come close to Bausch & Lomb to produce special anti-glare aviation glasses.

The resulting lenses were constructed out of environment-friendly glass to reduce glow.

They were formed like a drop to cover as much of the pilot’s view as possible while still fitting pleasantly around the eye. Problem solved.

Soon afterward, Ray-Ban Aviators would inadvertently make their globally debut.

When General Douglas MacArthur landed on a coastline in the Philippines throughout WWII, reporters snapped pictures of him using his Aviators.

It had not been long before the Ray-Ban brand name made a smooth jump from army feature to fashion device.

Yet “Anti-Glare aeronautics glasses” didn’t have much advertising appeal. So they branded the glasses … Ray-Ban. Why Ray-Ban? Since the glasses outlawed UV rays.

It really did not take wish for Ray-Bans to make their way to Hollywood. While several connect the brand with James Dean and Marlon Brando, the very first to sporting activity a set was really … Humphrey Bogart.

And … the Wayfarer. (Picture Resource: stlouisinstyle) Yet in the early ’80s, large, chunky accessories had taken over. Ray-Ban sales took a dive. The brand needed a life plethora. As well as one came … through a pants-free Tom Cruise ship.

When Risky Business came out in 1983, Tom Cruise and his famous Wayfarers rescued the Ray-Ban brand.

Sales soared 50%. Which is extraordinary when you discover that Ray-Ban will cease Wayfarers.

Then in 1986, Ray-Ban experienced a full-circle minute. Cruise ship starred in the film Top Weapon wearing the classic Ray-Ban aviators. Bringing the brand name back to its military origins.

Sales skyrocketed one more 40%.

And also today, over 80 years after the birth of Ray-Ban, the firm is still rolling with the moments while remaining true to its famous heritage.

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